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Editor's Letter: If Black Women Aren't Getting Their Pound, Then We Are Not Making Progress

Some of you reading this will probably be well versed in what #securethebag means. You've probably seen the hashtag under a plethora of Instagram pictures usually used by your favourite influencers or at the end of tweets when someone has made a financial achievement or set a financial goal. But if you are anything like my two best friends, this hashtag is probably meaningless and you may not even see its meaning of “get your money.” Yet, while I don't use the hashtag myself, its meaning and what it means to black women, in particular, feels extremely important at this moment in time. 

As black women, we are in a time when our presence has never been more sought after by those who aren’t black women. But as more companies and brands tap into the pockets of black women by using us in adverts, on covers and in social media campaigns, I am worried that some of us believe that we are truly making progressive strides in a world where we are forced to navigate the two-fold oppression of sexism and racism.