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Editor's Letter: Black Owned Businesses Might Be The Only Way We Can Make Real & Lasting Change

We all have favourite things. What is life without our favourite things? Favourite foods? Favourite songs, places to travel, colours, books and even people. Our favourite people (some we know on a deep personal level and some we admire from afar) enrich our lives in ways that leave us grateful for their presence, especially when they leave us with words and quotes that act as guiding lights and even guiding forces that direct us on the paths we should take in our lives. 

One of my  favourite quotes which continues to guide me in the decisions I make in my career is: “The Masters Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s House,” by Audre Lorde. It is a quote that has led me to have honest conversations with myself. In the times where I have felt like giving up on Black Ballad and the journalism industry as a whole, it has kept me going.