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These Influencers Found God & It Changed How They Create Content

On social media, speaking about the Christian faith in mainstream spheres can feel uncool or like a threat to thriving in this space. Some fear it could disrupt brand partnerships and influencer sponsorships, however, there is a noticeable rise in Black British women content creators sharing their newfound faith in Christ, which has shifted how they create content in general.

While many Black women in the UK have a cultural connection to Christianity, the noticeable shift in influencers speaking about their faith seems to be at a level deeper than a cultural connection. For example, YouTuber Mariam Musa has shared how she archived all her bikini photos on her Instagram account, including when she modelled for Ann Summers, since more closely seeking God.

Sasha Elesse and Nakita Johnson are also examples of influencers who have started incorporating faith in their content more. And there have also been Christian influencers who have long been known for being vocal about their Christian faith, including YouTuber MoChunks and Nissy Tee, who is probably best known for being on BKChat.