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Belonging in Bath: Our Two Years of Mixed Heritage Adoption

When my husband and I moved from London to Bath five years ago, it was with family in mind. Our tiny rental in Wandsworth was already too small for two adults and a cat, adding a child would’ve been impractical. So we moved first to Bristol and then Bath. We had always known that we wanted to adopt a child and Bath has wonderful green spaces and excellent schools.

After about a year of settling in, we began the journey of adopting our daughter. 

It’s been almost two years with her now. We’ve experienced teething, her first day at nursery and a first hospital visit. Life can be unpredictable and at times challenging. There is lots of second-guessing and self-doubt. Being a black mixed-heritage mother to a mixed-heritage child has taught me so much. 
Before motherhood, it was easy for me to travel to meet friends, work and even buy products that I needed. Since bringing my daughter home I have realised the pros and cons of living in a majority white area. I had to get used to how people reacted to her (and us) – it was a big eye-opener.