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Tired Of The Whiteness Of Wellness? Here Are Alternative Wellness Practices That Centre Black Women

Following two years of social spaciousness, there’s no doubt we’ve had time to see ourselves more clearly and for many it’s been a potent time for emotional unravelling, inner engineering and spiritual growth.

As Black women, we’ve also been exposed to unsettling statistics telling us that as a demographic we show persistently lower levels of wellbeing when it comes to mental and emotional health – usually as a direct result of racialised experiences and cultural alienation. On top of that, many of us carry the weight of the “strong black woman” archetype on our shoulders which can result in putting everyone else’s needs before our own. 

But what if this year was about rebelliously stepping out of all the boxes, shrugging off the expectations and limitations projected onto you and committing to a non-negotiable self-care regime that spoke