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I Left The UK In 2021 & Have Been Travelling Ever Since – Here's How You Can Do It Too

When I left the UK in the summer of 2021, I planned on living a location-independent lifestyle as a digital nomad. Digital nomads typically travel from country to country and work online, either for clients or for organisations. I had an appetite for travel and a real desire to reclaim my belief that the world is ultimately a good place.

To date, I’ve spent at least a month in Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cabo Verde and France. I’ve visited Sierra Leone, Senegal, Egypt, North Macedonia, Portugal, Bosnia, the UAE, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

I personally favour slow-travel and being a nomad doesn’t mean that you’re on a permanent holiday (unless you’re independently wealthy). There are common questions that crop up for those considering becoming a digital nomad, and with my wealth of experience, I’ll attempt to answer them all.