Pitches for Regional Content

As you know, Black Ballad is on a mission to be the best media platform for Black women in Britain and beyond. To do this, we have decided to commission work that specifically applies to Black communities outside of London. We want to hear from writers who have specific stories that relate to the experiences of black communities not in London.

So for example, if you are writing specifically about black activists in Liverpool, black doulas in Scotland, or how black women in Lancashire are coming together to conquer period poverty you will need to contact the specific regional editors who are listed below:

West Midlands editor is Vicky Gayle: vicky@blackballad.co.uk

East Midlands editor is Jill Lupupa: jill@blackballad.co.uk

North West editor is Christine Ochuefu: christine@blackballad.co.uk

North East editor is Annalisa Toccara: annalisa@blackballad.co.uk

Scotland editor is Tomiwa Folorunso: tomiwa@blackballad.co.uk

Wales editor is Chloe Seivwright: chloe@blackballad.co.uk

South West editor is Nic Crosara: nic@blackballad.co.uk

South East editor is Emmanuella Ngimbi: emmanuella@blackballad.co.uk

East of England editor is Lilian Amaning: lilian@blackballad.co.uk

If you are based in or outside of London and have more general pitch ideas, please send those ideas to pitch@blackaballad.co.uk

As always we are looking for interesting pitches that tell the human experiences from the perspective of Black women and of course, all writers will be paid for their work.

If you're unfamiliar with our pitching process and how to structure pitches please see our original pitching guidelines to ensure you have the best chance of getting your ideas commissioned.

We can not stress how important it is to read our original pitching guidelines, so please do so.

Good luck!