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This Woman's Work: MDMflow Founder Florence Adepoju

Florence Adepoju, 24, lives in Essex, with her parents and two younger brothers. She is the founder of MDMFlow, the coolest cosmetic company around. The brand combines gold bullet packaging and bold, striking colours with hip-hop inspired names to create a distinctive beauty company. We talk to the founder about what its really like to work on your own brand day in, day out...

BB: Describe a typical MDMFlow lipstick wearer. What does she do?

FA: Typically she's aged between 18 and 34 and whether she's a student or at director level, she's a go-getter. MDMflow girls tend to be fiercely independent and intuitive. They don't ask "Will a blue lipstick look good on me?" They say, "This is the blue I've been looking for."

BB: What does she wear?

FA: She wears a blend of streetwear and high street thrown in with indie, luxury and vintage bits. To me, the MDMflow girl is an algorithm of the modern woman.

BB: Where does she go out?

FA: To birthdays in Dalston, Hoxton Pony, parties more local and prefers independent raves and events to massive clubs in central.

BB: What inspires you professionally, creatively and personally?

FA: I'm inspired by creative and entrepreneurial men and women that are wildly successful doing what they love. I am also inspired by hip-hop, grime and local street style and beauty culture across the globe. I'm obsessed with aesthetics that are current and people who express themselves irregardless of trends.

BB: If you could collab with anyone from the 90s on a lipstick who would it be?

FA: Lil Kim for sure, she was always very bold, yet on the mark with her vicarious style and beauty looks back then. I think she set a lot of niche beauty trends that are still relevant now.

BB: Have you ever experienced a major setback in your career? How did you overcome it?

FA: I've not experienced any setbacks that I'd consider major, but there are some things that seemed hefty at the time. In hindsight anything that didn't work out was probably for the best. I get through hard times by staying inspired, reading up on how other businesses overcame similar situations. A lovely dinner with good friends also helps, I try to always be positive and optimistic.