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Lashana Lynch On Her British-Jamaican Identity & Playing The One And Only Rita Marley

I specifically remember the first time I saw Lashana Lynch on screen. It was Fast Girls, the 2012 British film based around the GB 100m relay team, and Lashana played Belle Newman, a laid back sprinter whose motto was “look good and run fast” as she slicked on lipgloss in the mirror before a race.

Fast Girls stuck with me because it was the first time I saw multiple Black female characters taking up so much space in any film, let alone a sports film – that staple feel-good genre which shows a capable athlete overcoming challenges and excelling in their lane.

That was Lashana’s feature debut 12 years ago, and since then she’s been steadily collecting the actor’s equivalent of Thanos’ infinity ring: three spins around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a historical epic (if you didn’t shed a small tear when Izogie dies in The Woman King, you have problems), a beloved children’s character and a classic remake (Miss Honey in Matlida The Musical), and not just a Bond film, but inheriting the Agent 007 title itself! Consequently this is the only Bond film I’ve seen from start to finish, and only because she was in it, so let me out myself as a Lashana Lynch fangirl from the jump!