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Dawn Butler Talks Honesty, Purpose & Surviving Cancer

One of my favourite pastimes is gushing over the wonder of other Black women. I love us for real. And few things please me more than having the opportunity to praise a fellow Black woman on her achievements and triumphs in-person (or Zoom equivalent). So what a pleasure it was to recently catch up with Labour MP, author, and bad gyal for real, Dawn Butler to wax lyrical about her debut book, a memoir published by Torva books.

A Purposeful Life sees Dawn reflecting on her life and journey thus far – a life well-lived indeed – and also generously sharing what she’s learnt about breaking barriers, inspiring change, and using your voice to make a difference.

Her warmth, good humour, and realness stand out to me the most, as does the deep sense of clarity she owns regarding who she is and what she was put on this earth to do.