Black Ballad Crowdfund 2021

Black ballad crowdfund banner

Black Ballad started out as a free access blog in 2014, due to the mainstream media constantly ignoring the perspectives and issues that Black women and the wider Black community in Britain faced. 

Since then, Black Ballad has transformed into the leading subscription media lifestyle platform for Black women in Britain, with 1000s of members paying to access our combination of content, events & lifestyle perks. In addition to this, we've paid over £250k to black women, welcomed 1000's to our events and talked to over 20,000 email subscribers in Britain and beyond. 

As stated in Tobi's Founder's Letter (no paywall to read), if we don't invest in ourselves, no one else will - which is why we are using this crowdfund as a chance for our community to invest and become shareholders in Black Ballad.

With your investment we will take the first steps to improve our technology infrastructure, so we can make it easier to buy & manage your membership, pay more black women in both full time and freelance capacity to create more experiences for our community and work on new products for black women and the people that want to reach, engage and understand them.

Our initial crowdfund target is £250k and when we reach that, we'll stretch the target to £400k. Thanks to the support of our community, we've recently hit our first milestone of £100k and passed the 50% mark of our investment target. To join us on this journey and to find out more about how you can invest click the link below!