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Why I Needed To Graduate In Aso Ebi

Graduation, for anybody, is a special and memorable occasion. The culmination of three (or more) years of hard work, adventure and self-discovery celebrated amongst your nearest and dearest. Photographs that will one day be shown to generations to come and a sense of achievement that will rarely be matched. 

Understandably, all graduands are keen to look their best on their big day. Not only are graduation photos likely to be transmitted to thousands of Facebook friends, Instagram, and Twitter followers, but these images are also likely to be cherished dearly by their owners and so graduating students often wish to complete their looks with a meaningful personal touch. 

Some choose to graduate wearing a tribute to a loved one, others in an article that has sentimental value but the fastest growing graduating trend is a nod to one’s cultural heritage, especially amongst the black community. US graduation ceremonies popularised the addition of traditional African Kente fabric to graduation gowns. This pattern has been repeated by British students in recent times shown by the success of companies such as Black Excellence Grads, which makes bespoke Kente soles to be paired with graduation gowns allowing black students to showcase their culture by graduating in traditional dress.