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Losing My Lipstick Virginity Helped Me Find Self Love

Most of us remember when we lost our virginity. Perhaps you were 16-years-old in your boyfriend’s box room or a few years older in a nightclub toilet cubicle? You’ll probably be able to tell me about the lucky guy or lady – their name, how they smelt, how it ended.

But what about the first time you tried on lipstick? Can you recall who you were with, where you were standing, your chosen shade? It’s probably not as vivid as your first fling, right? Especially if, as research from 2014 suggests, the average British woman in her late-twenties started wearing make-up aged 14. Given that a lot has changed in four years and the rapid rise of blogger and social media influence in the last few years, it is more than plausible to believe that  today's girls and young women started wearing makeup at an even younger age. 

My first memory of wearing lipstick is one of my most vivid. Not because of any trauma or drama. But because it happened 6 weeks ago – on 28 December 2017 to be exact, not long after my 30th birthday. Wearing lipstick has changed my life. But before I get into all that, let me take you back to (near) the beginning.