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Five Black Women Share Their Hyper-Pigmentation Experiences

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There’s no doubt that everybody wants to have a flawless, Insta-ready complexion without the burden of dark spots, pimple scars and uneven skin tone. Yet, these skin concerns are common and crop up when you least expect it, and almost always at the worst time. But for Melanated Monas, it is even more common and this is why.

The issue black skin faces is hyperpigmentation and this is in part down to the level of melanin in our skin. It quite literally pops up overnight with no warning and is triggered by a multitude of things, such as environmental aggressors, sun damage and acne.

My first serious encounter with hyperpigmentation and acne scarring started when I travelled to Antigua last July. I was bitten to death by mosquitos and ended up looking like Kris Jenner and Frankenstein's love child. As a result, I was left with awful scarring all over my face (and body) and because my skin was exposed to UVA and UVB rays from the sun, the scarring on my skin darkened even more.